Saturday, July 23, 2011

Help promote Art of Living Courses (India)

Dear ones,

There is a good news! An initiative has been taken, now it requires a joint effort from all of us to make it happen.

Now, on Facebook, instead of posting the course information of your local center, on every page/group/wall, just post it on the Facebook page of your state! Yes, we now have a dedicated page for every Indian state.

How does it work?
You just have to visit: , click on the state name, for which you are posting the information.
So, for example, if I want to post a course information for Mumbai. I will click on the above link - then click on Maharashtra, and post the information there.

What all can I post?
We can post Course Information (Part 1, Part 2, Blessings, DSN.. every course information), Course Flyers, Follow-up details, any Art of Living event/workshop details. If you have clicked pictures of any course/event conducted at your center, you can post the album link too! 

Can I post information on the pages of other states too?
If you have any course/event information for that particular state, you may go ahead and post the details. However, please make sure, you are posting the information to the right page :)

What all I need to do now?
The motive of this project is that any person who wants to do the Art of Living Course, should know where to look for information. To make sure, this happens we must ensure, the following is done:
1) Post information: Any information of courses happening in your center, post it on the respective page. In short, just promote your local Art of Living Center - by posting information, pictures, flyers etc.

2) Educate: If you see any of your friends on Facebook is posting Art of Living related information on his wall or any other group, educate him/her to post it on the respective state page. Create awareness of this page, to ensure its maximum utilization. 

3) LIKE: One most important thing, we have to keep in mind is, we have to LIKE all the state pages. Liking only our state pages, will result in more likes here and less likes there. Instead lets LIKE all the state pages. You never know, when you would be using which page :) 

To make it easier for you to LIKE all the state pages, just visit this link:
It will just take 1 minute of yours.

4) SHARE: The last thing we need to do is share. Share 3 things with all your friends. 
a) This mail: Forward this mail to all your friends. Lets work together as a team.
b) LIKE link: (Share it on facebook, twitter, email.. )
c) Art of Living India link: (This is our main index. From this page we can access all the other Indian state pages) - Share this page on Facebook, twitter, wherever you can.

How can I contribute more?
A group of moderators will be required for every state page. If you are sure that you can get the uninterrupted Course and Event information of not just your local center but the whole state or even your city, please write to us

PS: Lastly, please know, this is an effort to make things easy for all of us. Together, we can make a difference!
Jai Gurudev :)

"Little Seva when done in groups yields a lot!" - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar