Thursday, November 10, 2011

Guruji As I Know Him

 Dear Ones,

Here is a great opportunity for all of us to work together and create something wonderful for all the children and teenagers in the Art of Living family. With the permission of Sri Sri Publications and National YES and ART Excel Desk, we have started work on a book for children 'Guruji As I Know Him'. We request you to send Authentic Stories that the children and teens have experienced in their own life to us in the following format:

* Stories to be submitted in Microsoft Word file
* Each story must carry name and age of the child
* Good and recent high resolution photograph of the child
* Contact details including phone number, address and email (of child, or parent/teacher)
* Any particular achievement of the child (eg: state level player etc.)

Kindly submit the stories by: 25th December 2011 to

With your support we can create something inspirational for all the children in our AOL family. Please help to spread the word to more and more teachers and children.

With warm regards,

Jyoti Thakkar- +91 9819401618
Oishee Mukhopadhyay Talwar- +91 9823142490