Saturday, May 26, 2012

Positions Available with Art of Living Tech Team

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Dear Ones,
The Art of Living Foundation is currently carrying out an exciting technology project building a One World Technology Suite of Applications. The goal is to empower all countries with a full featured set of technology applications.
Currently work is underway on the Art of Living website for:
  • A course management system (course announcement, registration, expense management, participant management)
  • A global donations system
  • A global bookstore
  • Social network and more
The project is a complex technology project involving large scale, high-volume applications, support for internationalization, localization and customization of business logic per country or group of countries.
A lot of work has already been done on your local course announcement system but a lot more needs to be done.
We need help in many areas of technology but the most urgent help we need at this point (May, 2012) are senior software engineers in the PHP MySQL technologies.
A description of the requirements is visible at:
You can apply at
Both volunteer & paid positions are available through Sumeru.
If there is an exact match between your skill set and our requirements, you will hear back in a week.
For other positions, we will keep your information on file and contact you as needed.
For questions please write to
Looking forward to creating all of IT with all of you!
Art of Living Global IT Team

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