Sunday, August 12, 2012

Live satsang webcast Feedback

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Jai guru dev Dear ones,
We want to improve the Live satsang webcasts with Sri Sri. In this direction, your valuable feedback would help us a lot in focussing our attention on areas that needs to be improved. Please take out 2 minutes and fill up the form over the following link.

As it is shown in the image below, one can reach the satsang webcast page by typing the  link mentioned  at  box 1. Upon reaching the page, one can note the next upcoming live webcast (Box 2). By clicking "Watch live webcast" (Box 3) or Live webcast (Box 4), 
 one can watch the webcast when it is happening.


Now, you can get alerts about Satsangs on
1.  SMS (India only). SMS: ON srisri-webcast to 9870807070

2. Facebook
Join the following group and get facebook alerts 

Share an Art of Living Web Seva opportunity, with us us at, and we will share it with everyone. Jai Gurudev!