Thursday, February 13, 2014

Create a wave of #LoveForSriSri on twitter, tomorrow (14th February 2014)

Dear one,

​Tomorrow,  ​On ​14th February 2014 (Valentine​'​s Day), we ​invite you on twitter, to ​post lots of tweets with the hashtag #LoveForSriSri.
The tweet could be about your gratitude towards Sri Sri. It could be a Sri Sri quote; or anything you wish to share. The only thing needed is that the #LoveForSriSri should be present in your tweet.

​Also, ​If you ​are looking for some short and crisp Sri Sri Quotes, to tweet along with #LoveForSriSri, you can find it all here:

​Let's create a wave of #LoveForSriSri, tomorrow, 9:30am IST onwards. Do involve all your friends in this celebration.

​Looking forward to your online presence on the Valentine​'​s day.

More details can be found at :